Meet Scott

Hey! I’m Scott, better known as Frick or Fricky to my friends and, yes, I’ve heard all the jokes.Graffiti

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was in middle school. I started by sketching in graffiti style complete with cartoon characters. My art progressed to painting in the style of ’80’s pop artist Patrick Nagel, during high school and I sold a few reproductions of some of his work. Today, I still paint in the pop art style, but am exploring others.

I am also an avid photographer. I find its immediacy allows me to display my love of cars, plus it doesn’t take as long as painting.

I live in the beautiful Florida Keys where everyday is an inspiration when I’m not running from a hurricane. 🙂

Currently, I’m working on commissioned paintings only, but feel free to contact me if you have a project in mind. You can also visit my Facebook page to keep up with my latest work.

Peace ~